Terms and Conditions 2

Terms and Conditions

School of Thermal Analysis

The participants in the school will have the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about thermal analysis techniques and their updated applications in terms of material characterization.

The school applies a blended learning scenario in which the eLearning period and the face-to-face period are in a way that one method can functionally support the other.

Students in the first phase will follow a period, from 17/02/2020 to 30/05/2020, ( 16 weeks) of e-learning (e-courses and assessments) in their country of origin, followed by the physical mobility phase in which within the 5 working days period they will participate in training workshops.

The training workshops will be realised from Monday 8 to Friday 12 of June 2020 in:
Univeristy of Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus

Who are eligible:

  • Postgraduate students, PhD candidates belonging to the universities participating in the program
  • Post-doctoral students belonging to the universities participating in the program and which must be specifically certified by each institution.


  • Each student selected should devote the necessary time to study all the teaching material of the courses that will be posted on the school’s eLearning portal.
  • Choose a practical assessment from the topics that will be posted on the site. This work will be presented during school lessons (presentation duration 10 minutes) and should answer questions from teachers and students.
  • During February-May, each selected student will be able to communicate electronically with the teachers about the offered courses and the work he/she has undertaken.
  • Each student should attend the whole class of school hours.

What the program covers

The project covers the following physical mobility costs for each student:

Travel costs up to 275 €

Accommodation costs (6 nights) and daily expenses, a lump sum of 406 €