Short-cycle course

The course intends to reinforce inter-regional and cross-border cooperation of Higher Education Institutions active in the field of Materials’ Thermal Analysis. All partners have long established collaboration on organising training courses in specific themes. Partners will bring their different experiences and competencies in the strategic partnership, covering specific scientific modules which are complimentary on creating an overall overview of thermal analysis techniques and their applications on materials’ study and characterisation, serving at the same time as pools of teachers and learners.

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Σύντομος κύκλος μαθημάτων στη θερμική ανάλυση

2ος Γύρος

Virtual phase από 15/03/2021 έως 30/05/2021. Εβδομάδα Workshop στη Λευκωσία , Κύπρος από 07/06/2021 έως 12/06/2021


    *Αν έχετε κάνει εγγραφή κατα το προηγούμενο έτος δέν χρειάζεται να κάνετε και πάλι εγραφή